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Public launch projected for as early as possible in the first quarter of 2020


To improve our democracy by enhancing the power, and on-going effectiveness, of all Canadian Citizens' votes


By ensuring that all Canadian Citizens have the ability to cast their vote, in any election,
for the Candidate that they truly prefer in the fullest confidence that, win or lose,
their Candidate will have the power to make that vote count in deciding all
questions  put  before  the  Governing  Body  until  the  next  election.
No wasted votes. No need to even consider voting strategically.
100% vote for vote, election to election Representation!


Via this site, and many other means, we will promote & facilitate:
1) A growing awareness of the TotalRep Core Concept among Canadian Citizens
2) The widest possible range of discussions of it between those Citizens
3) Its adoption by Canadian Governments from sea to sea to sea

The TotalRep Core Concept, with its Delegated, Active & Effective Vote Allocation Process, is a
simple, easy and powerful way we can greatly improve the democracy we already cherish.

To be among the first to know "What" the TotalRep Core Concept is...
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