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Preview launch currently projected for the 1st quarter of 2022


To strengthen our democracy by maximizing our power as Citizens over its processes and evolution.


By Advocating, Supporting and Facilitating the augmentation of our Electoral Systems with "Delegated, Active & Effective Vote Allocation (aka DAEVA)" to ensure that all voting Canadians have 100% vote for vote "Total Representation (aka TotalRep)" in their elected Governments on all levels at all times.

When you are able vote in a DAEVA augmented election you will...
  • Never waste your vote no matter who you vote for,
  • Never need to even consider voting strategically,
  • Never be disenfranchised by voting for a Candidate who doesn't win a seat in government,
    ~ and ~
  • the votes you cast will always be eligble to be counted in every question put to a vote in your elected government for the life of that government.

TotalRep's DAEVA concept is a simple, economical and powerful way that we can greatly improve the democracy we already cherish.


To be among the first to know what the DAEVA Concept has to offer, how it might be implemented and how you can help that happen where you live and vote feel free to subscribe to our:

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If you want to be keep yourself informed about TotalRep's activities and evolution after our public launch you will be able to Subscribe to your choice of our monthly WaveCrest E-News, and/or our other special purpose E-Notifications, on the public site.